FOOD FOOD FOOD: Best of 2011!!!

OK, Folks… Here it is! All of the outstanding establishments that received AND deserved an excellent FOOD FOOD FOOD rating in 2011. I highly recommend each and every one of these spots. Click for individual reviews. BOOM!!!


Punjabi Dhaba, Cambridge, MA

Sullivan’s, South Boston, MA

Cambridge1 Pizza, Cambridge, MA

Mimi’s Roast Beef, Waltham, MA

Taco Loco, Somerville, MA

Briggs Pizzeria, Attleboro, MA

Wing It, Boston(Allston), MA

K.O. Pies, South Boston, MA

The Druid, Cambridge, MA

Moody’s Falafel Palace, Cambridge, MA

Gumbo’s, North Dartmouth, MA


Bonus: My favorite candy bar… the LION BAR by Nestles!!! Check your local import shop. Get hip!