RECORD OF THE DAY: The Bugs- “Eharmony Rejected Me”

Just got home from a Queers show where I purchased this record. Bugs is a side project fronted by Queers bass player, Dangerous Dave. This is their new E.P. I’ve been waiting to come across this record for sometime now. Very exciting. Not unlike the Queers, the Bugs’ lyrics are juvenile and sometimes ignorant even. All in the name of fun. Good old fashioned punk rock. Not for the P.C. crowd.


Buy it here:


FUN FACT: One of the songs on this record was originally released on the punk rock compilation “Science Fiction On VHS”. A record that I put out. Punk rock points! You can buy said record here:


Check out the track/video from the Bugs’ previous(self-titled) release below. It’s hilarious.



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