Duke of Earl

So Earl is home. I purposely waited to blog anything on his return because I wanted to see how things would unfold over a few days. I’m honestly not even sure he was actually gone at this point. If he can turn around another great album, and if really was in Somoa, this will be one of the most interesting stories in music. After all the talk last year, Earl’s “homecoming” has been nothing short of underwhelming. I thought Tyler would have been going nuts on Twitter, the Fader would have a full length interview (maybe they’re saving it?) or even some of the lame ass day late and a dollar short hip hop sites like SOHH would have tried to get more of a scoop.


Earl just drops “Home” (see below) and some tweets. It’s truly ironic that the most talked about and “wild” rap group of the last 2 years did the exact opposite of what they’re known for and instead did… nothing. That’s cool though, let the guy get used to being “back” or whatever.

On another note, how wack were the Grammys? Sheeeeesh… don’t get me started.

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