Since Forty Five’s last blog post was soo informative and word heavy, I’m having trouble coming up with anything interesting enough to follow it up. Blogger’s Performance Anxiety? I thought maybe a picture of my Mountain Dew “Gulp” is probably the best visual representation of a blog-less blogger such as myself. Yeeee-haw, doin’ da dew!

While you’re here, check out all the other “cool stuff” in my work area: The Muffs, De La Soul, Sinus O’Gynus, Battle Droid, Sinestro, Shy Guy and Iron Man. Wow, how increeeeeeeeedibly interesting, huh? NERD ALERT!

Oh hai,  did you know we(LPRC) are slinging gear at the Boston Facial Hair Fiasco tomorrow night? Well… we are. It’s at Church(Fenway). Come hang out.



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