48 Hours

You gotta keep busy, right?  Right. In addition to working on our Spring Launch(hold tight, kiddies), I’ve done ALL this within the past two CRAZILY busy days:

1. Doctor’s visit. Boring but essential for survival, right?
2. Tattoo work by Josh McAlear at Redemption Tattoo.
3. Grilled cheese and chocolate milk at Andy’s Diner. Because… I’m an adult.
4. New RAW hat purchased at their (skate)shop in Somerville.
5. Mixing work on the upcoming ExPlanets EP.

6. Mexican food AND live Mexican music at El Poltro(good grub!).
7. White Pages and Radio Control at PA’s Lounge.
8. Couple drinks at ZuZu w/ DJ KNIFE.
9. 16bit supplying massive bass music at Middle East.


Photographic evidence: