Record Of The Day: the Connection- “New England’s Newest Hitmakers”

Sure, the Connection are HEAVILY influenced by 60s pop. And yes, they dress up all-fancy-like for shows and photo sessions. Trick is… they are definitely a Ramones-style punk band. Don’t be fooled. “New England’s Newest Hitmakers” was originally self-released as a CDR but Japanese label, S.P. Records picked it up and decided to put it on wax! I, for one, am very excited that this has happened!

The Connection are playing with the Cry and the Kurt Baker Band at Great Scott(Allston Village) next Wednesday(6th). Come hang out and watch them dedicate a song to me.

FUN FACT: I was part of an early incarnation of what ended up being the Connection. This was before Geoff was involved. It was Brad, Andy and myself. We mainly played Ramones covers while trying to get our act together… we never did get our act together.

Released 2012 via S.P. Records

Buy it here: