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La Parca!

We are currently going through some great changes at L.P.. We are developing a slew of new product for our clothing line while expanding our company’s profile and reach.

We also have been working on marrying off ESTE which has just happened this past Friday. (Congratulations to him and Mrs. Este!).

What I’m getting at is that while we have been extremely busy these past few weeks, we are growing rather than dwindling, as our blogging performance may have let on. We will of course continue to provide all sorts of delicious content through this blog and other various projects moving forward.

Here are a few hints at what we’re not sharing with you:


Quick Pics

Fresh Produce!!!

THIS Saturday(Nov. 19th). Once again, LPRC crew will be at the Good Life(Downtown Boston) slinging tees and listening to the finest hip hop selected by our favorite DJs(nerds). We may have some new gear ready for Saturday. No promises. We are certainly trying really hard to make it so.

At very least, stop by and grab a free sticker.


As always… big ups to DJ KNIFE and DJ TOMMEE! Brrrrrrrrraaaap!!!



Record of the Day: the Peeps- “Ballad of the Last American Rock Band”

Sleazy switchblade garage punk from Arizona. Fuzzy low-fi-ish recording with a fistfull of fun. Brass knuckles intact. Add just the right amount of snootiness to the equation and you now have a lovely little punk record. I’m sure Iggy would be proud. Nearly positive.

I can’t seem to find an official website or even an online store that sells Peeps records. Do a youtube search?


Released 1998 via Super 8 Records.


Tattoo Age: Freddy Corbin Part II


New Looooooong DOOM Interview


It’s been nearly a month since my last “FOOD FOOD FOOD” entry. I’ve been very busy.  Blah Blah Blah.

I’m gonna keep these going but… I’m gonna change up the formatting a bit. Keeping it short and sweet(or savory).


Full Irish brunch. Best black pudding(blood sausage) I’ve had in my life.  The white pudding is not as amazing(but it never is).

Good stuff. Give it a shot!


Rating: 5(Great) out of 5!!!


1357 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA


Quick Pics

dom kennedy “when i come around”

Daniel Clowes- “the Death-Ray”

Drawn and Quarterly has released a fancy 48-page hardcover edition of Daniel Clowes’ “the Death-Ray”. Although I already own the original version(as Eightball #23), I will be splurging on this bad larry come payday.

Daniel Clowes is the dude responsible for Ghost World. Buy this book and get hip BEFORE the film is made. You can then brag about it and talk down to your peers for not being as cool as you are.

Support your local comic shop and/or buy it here.


Mike Giant

Caught this over at Rebel 8

Giant has been killing it forever. He’s one of those guys that can pass back and forth between several different worlds (punk/hardcore, hip hop, graffiti, tattoos, fine art) and melt them all together effortlessly. A lot easier said than done.

Something Sweet Art Show/Auction

A REALLY cool art show is taking place this Friday(Nov 4th) @ the Washington Street Art Center in Somerville, MA.

Art auction/desserts/live music. One night only! Bring your cash/checkbook/card and leave with an original piece of LOCAL art and/or happy taste buds.

All proceeds go to the Somerville Homeless Coalition. This is your chance to support the scene AND the needy at the same time. How cool is that?! Everybody wins!!!

Facebook page:


Tattoo Age: Freddy Corbin Part I

Looks like Vice saved one of the best for last (the whole series was dope). Freddy Corbin aka Mr. Niceguy, living legend.