Record Of The Day: Jeff the Brotherhood- “We Are The Champions”

Jeff the Brotherhood successfully combine a blasting Ramones-style force (GREAT starting point) with a  crunchy guitar tone not unlike 90s-era Weezer. Imagine loads of 8th note hi-hats and downstroke riffage married with spaced out stoner rock guitar solos. This is Jeff the Brotherhood. OK, how about this… Imagine the first Queens of the Stone Age record but with a massive bubblegum sensibility. Get it yet?

These guys are great and they’re playing @ TT the Bear’s on June 21st. Get hip!


Released 2011 via Infinity Cat Recordings

Buy “We Are The Champions” here:


Pizza Pics #10

Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap


Reggae Tapes @ In Your Ear

ATTN: Reggae Heads and/or Cassette Nerds.

On my weekly visit to In Your Ear Records, I discovered that they’ve just acquired a MASSIVE amount of reggae on cassette. Good stuff too!!! Everything from rocksteady to dub (didn’t see any dancehall). Everything was in really good condition and priced at 3-4 bux. Spread the word.

Remember… summertime = reggae.


In Your Ear
975 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA


Spring Zine Thing

The Spring Zine Thing occurs THIS Sunday @ the Washington Street Art Center in Somerville!

For those not looped, this is basically a zine sale/swap/hangout.

FREE admission BTW.


Peep the flier for deets:


Liquor Store and White Pages @ Midway this Saturday

I’m very busy with La Parca this weekend. I’m sure Este will blog the deets soon. If I wasn’t soo busy, I would definitely be at this show on Saturday. Fact. Who doesn’t love an afternoon show?


Record Of The Day: Heavy Cream- “Danny”

Just picked this LP up last night after Heavy Cream opened for Hunx and his Punx at Great Scott. Fun show. Fun times.

Heavy Cream… Imagine if the Runaways were a bit faster and Joan Jett always had her way. If you wanna call “Danny” a punk rock record, that’s fine by me. If not, Also fine. I’m not bothered. It hits hard, it blasts through, it’s fun and it’s catchy. Also, Heavy Cream’s drummer is REALLY GOOD. Get hip!


Released 2010 via Infinity Cat Recordings


Buy “Rib Out” here:


Fresh Produce this Saturday!


Record Of The Day: Magnetix- “Rib Out” 7″

Magnetix are rock royalty over in the European garage scene. Funny thing, I hadn’t realized they were a 2-piece until I saw (and opened for) them last night @ Great Scott. Guitarist,  Looch Vibrato rocks lots of reverb/delay/loops to create a VERY full guitar sound. I suppose this is why I hadn’t realized there were a duo. Makes total sense. They were fun last night… hence the record purchase. Get into it.


Released 2009 via Slovenly Recordings


Check out Magnetix here:


Buy “Rib Out” here:


Dust And Grooves

Dust And Grooves is a GREAT website showcasing photographer/record collector, Eilon Paz’s art(photography). I visit this dude’s site on the regular. Amazing stuff.

All vinyl and/or photo nerds NEED to peep Eilon’s site! 100% Hungry Eddy endorsed.






Copyright/photo credit: Eilon Paz

48 Hours

You gotta keep busy, right?  Right. In addition to working on our Spring Launch(hold tight, kiddies), I’ve done ALL this within the past two CRAZILY busy days:

1. Doctor’s visit. Boring but essential for survival, right?
2. Tattoo work by Josh McAlear at Redemption Tattoo.
3. Grilled cheese and chocolate milk at Andy’s Diner. Because… I’m an adult.
4. New RAW hat purchased at their (skate)shop in Somerville.
5. Mixing work on the upcoming ExPlanets EP.

6. Mexican food AND live Mexican music at El Poltro(good grub!).
7. White Pages and Radio Control at PA’s Lounge.
8. Couple drinks at ZuZu w/ DJ KNIFE.
9. 16bit supplying massive bass music at Middle East.


Photographic evidence:




Danzig Legacy 2012 Tour Dates

OK. Only one TBA show at this point. I’m guessing it will be somewhere on the West Coast.

I’m thinking of trying to get to the  Philadelphia and/or Pittsburgh shows. Who want’s to go?!?!

NOTE: Half the shows feature Misfits/Samhain/Danzig sets while the other half only feature Misfits/Danzig. Worst things have happened.

Danzig Legacy @ Irvine Meadows, Irvine, CA – 5/26/12
Danzig Legacy @ ???TBA??? – 5/27/12
Danzig w/ Doyle @ Uptown Theatre, Kansas City, MO – 5/31/12
Danzig w/ Doyle @ Old National Center, Indianapolis, IN – 6/01/12
Danzig w/ Doyle @ the Fillmore, Detroit, MI – 6/02/12
Danzig w/ Doyle @ the Fillmore Silver Spring, Silver Spring, MD – 6/04/12
Danzig Legacy @ Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA – 6/05/12
Danzig Legacy @ the Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA – 6/07/12
Danzig Legacy @ Bonnaroo Fest, Manchester, TN – 6/09/12


Some Upcoming Shows!!!

First off… Summer Twins are playing Brooklyn on April 1st and I can’t make it. Yo, S.T.’s, I love your record! PLAY BOSTON!!! Also, Danzig Legacy (Misfits/Samhain/Danzig sets) are playing Irvine Meadows (Irvine, CA) in May and Bonnaroo Fest (Manchester, TN) in June.  Rumors of more 2012 Legacy shows are flying. Speculation as of yet but QUITE possible. I’ll keep ya looped. Obviously.


3/20     Ehnahre @ O’Brian’s Pub, Boston
3/21     Kepi Ghoulie/Kevin Seconds @ Middle East, Cambridge
3/21     Odd Future @ House of Blues, Boston
3/21     GZA @ Middle East, Cambridge
3/22     Negative Degree/Sucked Dry @ warehouse show in Allston (ask a punk)
3/23     White Pages @ PAs Lounge, Somerville
3/23     16bit @ Middle East, Cambridge
3/27     Magnetix/Bare Wires/ExPlanets @ Great Scott, Boston
3/29     Swervedriver @ Brighton Music Hall, Boston
3/31     Wild Flag @ Paradise, Boston
4/2       Hunx and his Punx @ Radio, Somerville
4/2       Thick Shakes @ TT’s, Cambridge
4/7       Liquor Store/White Pages @ Midway, Boston
4/7       Straight Angular @ TT’s, Cambridge
4/8       RJD2/DJ Knife/DJ Tommee @ Paradise, Boston
4/11     the Horrors @ Paradise, Boston
4/11     Kurt Baker (Leftovers) @ TT’s, Cambridge
4/13     Fat Creeps @ O’Brian’s Pub, Boston
4/16     Bad Brains @ Paradise, Boston
4/17     Chuuwee @ Middle East, Cambridge
4/20     The Tough Shits/White Pages/ExPlanets @ PAs Lounge, Somerville
4/21     Mayer Hawthorne @ Paradise. Boston
4/25     Schoolboy Q @ Middle East, Cambridge
4/26     Ashers @ O’Brian’s, Boston
5/1       Psycho/Insult @ Middle East, Cambridge
5/3       Old Man Gloom @ Great Scott, Boston
5/8       Lee Ranaldo @ House of Blues, Boston
5/12     Mark Sultan/Squall/Dan Webb & The Spiders/ExPlanets @ PAs, Somerville
5/12     the Feelies @Paradise, Boston
5/10     Rusko with Sigma @ House of Blues, Boston
5/12     ExPlanets @ PAs, Somerville, MA
5/19     Cock Sparrer @ Club Lido, Revere
6/6       Kurt Baker (Leftovers)/the Connection @ Great Scott, Boston
6/15     Royal Headache/White Pages @ PAs Lounge, Somerville
6/23     Corrosion of Conformity @ Middle East, Cambridge
7/18     Best Coast @ Royale, Boston



Pizza Pics #8

Monster Zero Snapshots