Harvard Square

Boston Strangler @ Democracy Center This Sat (7/20)

Boston Strangler are THEE hardcore band that I can 100% endorse/recommend. No joke. Now… I’m not talking about “hardcore punk”, “powerviolence”, “post-core” or whatever. When I say “hardcore” what I mean is HARDCORE in the strictest classic and boneheaded (compliment) sense.

When’s the last time you’ve been to an all ages hardcore show? Home hang out!




The Reveling @ Charlie’s Kitchen THIS Monday (5/21)

Pumped on this show! Tomorrow night! La Parca will be in the house. Ask us for a sticker or two.

Check out the Reveling here:



Looney Tunes Records

I knew that Looney Tunes was supposedly moving (to Allston Village?) so I can’t say that I was shocked to see an empty/dusty shop when walking down Boylston Street. If anything, my thoughts on the matter hover between neutrality and stern disinterest.

All I know for certain is that record shops have been steadily going out of business for about a decade now. The Metro Boston record mecca of yesteryear is nothing more than a memory at this point. I never thought I’d say this but… I’m starting to feel nostalgia for the 90s.


Shops that are actually still in business (as far as I know):

Planet Records, Harvard Sq, Cambridge
Armageddon Shop, Harvard Sq, Cambridge
Cheapo Records, Central Sq, Cambridge
In Your Ear Records, BU, Boston
In Your Ear Records, Harvard Sq, Cambridge
Nuggets, Kenmore Sq, Boston
Orpheus, South End, Boston
Skippy Whites, Egleston Square, Roxbury
Somerville Grooves, Union Sq, Somerville
Stereo Jacks, North Cambridge
Underground Hip Hop, South End, Boston
Weirdo Records, Central Sq, Cambridge


La Parca Summer 2012 Launch Party = 5/18/12!!!

We’ve put together a lovely little soiree to celebrate the launch of our Summer 2012 releases aaaaaaaaand… Porn Theatre Ushers are reuniting for it.

Peep the flier for deets:

Planet Records Has Moved!!!

Planet Records has moved a few blocks from it’s previous JFK Street location. Sure, it’s not as accessible now BUT as a longtime supporter and ex-employee(4 years), I can honestly say… the new and improved Planet Records is actually superior. There is much more space this time around, the layout is impressively organized and most importantly… the new spot seems to be 10x more vinyl-centric(hellz yes). Upgrade City!


New Location:
144 Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA (Just outside Harvard Sq.)


Record of the Day: Lack of Interest / Capitalist Casualties- Split 7″

I recently found this record in the “new releases” section at Newbury Comics in Harvard Square. I know, I SHOULD have gone to Armageddon Records to see if they had a copy. Armageddon was just around the corner after all. But hey, in fairness, I wasn’t planning on shopping for hardcore records, I had just eaten supper at Chutney’s at the Garage Mall and Newbury was just upstairs. What’s a guy to do?

This split 7″ was originally released with issue #23 of the zine “Short, Fast & Loud”. I’m speculating that this version(sans zine) is a 2nd pressing as the cover is slightly different this time around. Or perhaps they just made new covers? Dunno.

Capitalist Casualties and Lack Of Interest both pump out some of the best fast-core records available and have been doing so for quite some time. Stuff like this is my soundtrack to the state of California. Well, this and gangster rap, obviously. But seriously, why do people  listen to crap like  Social Distortion and Rancid when this is available?! Baffling.


Released 2012 via Six Weeks Records.


Buy it here:


Another Record Show

Alright… Oona’s (vintage clothing) is apparently hosting a record show in front of their shop in Harvard Square. This is happening on Saturdays and Sundays “thru the fall”. I walked by last Sunday and didn’t see any action whatsoever. Interesting. Maybe I’ll check again this weekend. Then again, there’s another record show happening in Somerville at the same time. Maybe I’ll try NEXT weekend. It seems as though loads of record shows have been popping up as of late. I get the feeling this particular show is more likely to have Joan Baez than Teenage Bottlerocket or Black Milk. Whatever. Not complaining. I’ll take what I can get. Support these events! It’s “important”.


Side Note: I’ve been told Bat Boy has gone missing and may be heading towards Metro Boston. More info as it comes in.


Chinese food hasn’t really been the same since MSG went out of fashion. I’m not saying food additives such as MGS are good. Far from it.  I’m saying I think a lot of these restaurants kinda had to scramble to come up with new flavors and textures to keep us addicted and coming back for more.

Hong Kong is pretty typical for Chinese-American food. They have all the classic dishes and appetizers you want. Helpful Hint: They are WAY better at appetizers than dishes. I recommend loading up on sides. The spare ribs, scallion pancakes, beef teriyaki, and chicken fingers are ON POINT and exactly what you want. The rice is sorta dry(lack of MSG?) but that can be fixed with a bit of duck sauce. The one thing that’s off about this place is the fact that they don’t have dinner rolls. I realize that dinner rolls aren’t exactly an “ancient Chinese secret” but I’ve come to expect them. Not a big deal. Or is it…? Ultimately, this is simple and standard Chinese done right. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the service is extremely friendly and fast.

Side Note: My wife loves the dumplings and soups. She also loves (and makes) papercut art. Sometimes she writes about it here.


Rating: 4(Good) out of 5


Harvard Square
1238 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA