People Pics #1

Today I noticed that I rarely post pics of people and I aim to change that. Enter… the first edition of the “People Pics” series. Don’t worry, I will still continue to post pics of food, graffiti, Godzilla toys(HA!) or whatever.

NOTE: I only take pics of folks that are WICKED cool.


Salty Dave (left).  Born: Stamford, CT
Este (right).  Born: Providence, RI
Location: Newbridge Cafe, Chelsea, MA

Megan. Born: Stoughton, MA.
Location: Maroubra Beach, Sydney, Australia.

Hungry Eddy (myself).  Born: Newton, MA.
Location: Hotel Room, Chicago, IL.

Nabo Rawk.  Born: Malden, MA.
Location: Crazy Dough’s Pizzeria, Cambridge, MA.

Grampa Joe (Patrick Joseph McShane). Born: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Location: Waltham, MA