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Prison Pit B&W Vinyl Figure

Toy collecting… a very dorky, expensive and somewhat pointless hobby. I try not to buy too many collectibles(aside from records and comics, of course) and I’m usually pretty good. Once in a while something really outstanding like this comes along and I have trouble resisting my instinctual “I must have it” collector’s urge. I know impulse purchases offer nothing more than a temporary satisfaction BUT… this new 8″ B&W version of Cannibal Fuckface is even cooler than the original full color version. Trick is, with instant gratification comes the inevitable regret and shame. In closing, yes, I want one.

For more info on this frightening figurine, check out J.R.’s site below.  At very least, follow @MrJohnnyRyan on twitter for a constant source of heinous hilarity.

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