Lack of Interest

Record of the Day: Lack of Interest / Capitalist Casualties- Split 7″

I recently found this record in the “new releases” section at Newbury Comics in Harvard Square. I know, I SHOULD have gone to Armageddon Records to see if they had a copy. Armageddon was just around the corner after all. But hey, in fairness, I wasn’t planning on shopping for hardcore records, I had just eaten supper at Chutney’s at the Garage Mall and Newbury was just upstairs. What’s a guy to do?

This split 7″ was originally released with issue #23 of the zine “Short, Fast & Loud”. I’m speculating that this version(sans zine) is a 2nd pressing as the cover is slightly different this time around. Or perhaps they just made new covers? Dunno.

Capitalist Casualties and Lack Of Interest both pump out some of the best fast-core records available and have been doing so for quite some time. Stuff like this is my soundtrack to the state of California. Well, this and gangster rap, obviously. But seriously, why do people  listen to crap like  Social Distortion and Rancid when this is available?! Baffling.


Released 2012 via Six Weeks Records.


Buy it here: