Somerville Grooves

Looney Tunes Records

I knew that Looney Tunes was supposedly moving (to Allston Village?) so I can’t say that I was shocked to see an empty/dusty shop when walking down Boylston Street. If anything, my thoughts on the matter hover between neutrality and stern disinterest.

All I know for certain is that record shops have been steadily going out of business for about a decade now. The Metro Boston record mecca of yesteryear is nothing more than a memory at this point. I never thought I’d say this but… I’m starting to feel nostalgia for the 90s.


Shops that are actually still in business (as far as I know):

Planet Records, Harvard Sq, Cambridge
Armageddon Shop, Harvard Sq, Cambridge
Cheapo Records, Central Sq, Cambridge
In Your Ear Records, BU, Boston
In Your Ear Records, Harvard Sq, Cambridge
Nuggets, Kenmore Sq, Boston
Orpheus, South End, Boston
Skippy Whites, Egleston Square, Roxbury
Somerville Grooves, Union Sq, Somerville
Stereo Jacks, North Cambridge
Underground Hip Hop, South End, Boston
Weirdo Records, Central Sq, Cambridge


Records in Somerville

I will be attending the “Somerville Rock-N-Roll Yard Sale” this Sunday. Peep the flier below. In related news… Somerville Grooves is now open for business. Somerville Grooves is a new independent record shop located in Union Square. I have not yet had the chance to check this spot out. I WILL this weekend. Support local record shops!

Basically… Sunday August 21st is ALL about records. Get hip!


The Mall/Ecko/Somerville…

I paid a visit to the CambridgeSide Galleria for a Taco Bell lunch this afternoon. The mall is a 15 minute walk from my AC-free apartment and T.B. is cheap as hell, gimmie a break. Since I was already at my local consumer haven, I popped into Sears in search of some new Dickies shorts… No dice. What I DID come across kinda blew my mind… Misfits shirts. WUUUH?!?! I mean, I know Urban Outfitters sells Ramones shirts and Target sells RUN-DMC but this is completely different.

This is when it gets weird/interesting… not only did Sears have a Misfit shirt, they had 2 different versions. This may not seem weird to you, let me explain why it’s VERY weird…


Misfits broke up in 1983. Although, Glenn Danzig wrote every Misfits song, founding member/bassist, Jerry Only currently owns the rights to perform as “the Misfits”. Both Danzig and Only have merchandising rights. Glenn’s shirts say “© Glenn Danzig” while Jerry’s say “© Cyclopean Music”. Sears had BOTH versions. How does something like this happen? Was there “some kinda” mixup? Did some big cheese at Sears headquarters decide to carry both shirts?

Danzig top, Only bottom:


Yo, Ecko! I’m sick of seeing your adds around town! I’m not gonna buy your stoooopid VANS ripoffs! NO respectable O.G. would! Catch a bad one! Exclamation marks!!!

On a lighter note… there is a new record shop opening in my hood(Union Sq, Somerville). Perfection! They had a copy of David Bowie’s “LOW” in the window, how bad can it be? At very least, I have a new place to dig for samples. PUMPED!!! Keep it up Metro Boston, I love you forever!

Speaking of samples… I’ve been slowly working on a project with another La Parca affiliate and made some progress today. More info on that in time.

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