Food Food Food: Pennypacker’s Food Truck

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So… I never got around to checking out all those Grilled Cheese trucks. In time. To be honest, I don’t expect to be very impressed. “Gourmet grilled cheese” seems pretty pretentious, right? I DID check out a food truck in Southie called Pennypacker’s. This spot specializes in fancy sandwiches, sausages and soups.

I opted for the Porchetta Rabe sandwich. I was informed that the relatively fatty(aka delicious) pork was marinated for 3 days. The meat was also wrapped in crispy pork skin. Amazing. As if that wasn’t enough, they added some fruity chutney sauce. BANG. Honestly, this was a perfect sandwich. I found the attention to detail impressive and inspirational. If you are in search of a good meal on a working man’s budget… look no further. They even have Cape Cod potato chips(you know you love it). 100% Hungry Eddy approved.

Side Note: Pennypacker’s DEFINITELY gets props for naming their business after a Seinfeld reference. Get hip!


Rating: 5(Great) out of 5!!!


Tide Street (Near the Harpoon Brewery)
South Boston, MA




FOOD FOOD FOOD: Best of 2011!!!

OK, Folks… Here it is! All of the outstanding establishments that received AND deserved an excellent FOOD FOOD FOOD rating in 2011. I highly recommend each and every one of these spots. Click for individual reviews. BOOM!!!


Punjabi Dhaba, Cambridge, MA

Sullivan’s, South Boston, MA

Cambridge1 Pizza, Cambridge, MA

Mimi’s Roast Beef, Waltham, MA

Taco Loco, Somerville, MA

Briggs Pizzeria, Attleboro, MA

Wing It, Boston(Allston), MA

K.O. Pies, South Boston, MA

The Druid, Cambridge, MA

Moody’s Falafel Palace, Cambridge, MA

Gumbo’s, North Dartmouth, MA


Bonus: My favorite candy bar… the LION BAR by Nestles!!! Check your local import shop. Get hip!



K.O. (catering and) Pies fancies themselves as an Australian pie shop. Sounds great, right? Pie shops are one of the few things that I found appetizing while traveling “down under”. Are meat pies an exclusive Australian dish? Nope. Not even close. Obviously, we all grew up eating meat pies. However, meat pie SHOPS are few and far between. And that’s a shame. This spot is legit. Fantastic even. I’d say the menu is medium sized and has enough options to satisfy your carnivorous cravings.


Items ordered:

1. Irish stew pie. Amazing and piping hot. I was impressed by the volume of delicious meat(apparently pulled) that was packed into that little pie. I’m unsure as to what veggies were involved in this beauty but I AM sure they were delicious. Did I mention the hotness? Seriously, give your pie a minute(or 10) to cool. Perhaps apply some complimentary HP brand brown sauce to cool it down. Seriously hot. Serious. I’m serious.

2. Sausage roll. Savory and soft sausage meat(sans casing) within a crispy bread exterior. Kinda salty but that’s kinda the point, right? I probably averaged one sausage roll a day while visiting Oz. If you’ve never tried one, you need to.

3. Mushy peas. I haven’t had mushy peas in a long time. Classic. Perfect temp. Perfect serving size. Perfect side dish.

Overall, I am very impressed. Good job, boys! Keep it up!


Rating: 5(Great) out of 5!!!


87 A Street
South Boston, MA


FOOD FOOD FOOD: Sullivan’s

Sully’s is a Boston institution. I visit at LEAST twice a year. Once at the beginning of the season, once at the end. Classic beach-side fast food shack. Everything form fried clams to ice cream. You know the type.

Although, I’m a nut for fried seafood… I never get that stuff here. I can’t help but to order the same junk every time. We all have spots like that, right? Keeping with tradition, 2 cheeseburgers, 2 hot dogs, fries and a root beer are ordered and promptly consumed. That may sound like a huge amount of food but it’s really not. Flat beef patties and skinny dogs are to be expected. The juicy(greasy?) and thoroughly cooked burgers seem to be grilled at a  perfect temp. I don’t  know how they do it. Magic? Wait… I don’t believe in magic… I haven’t the slightest. The dogs AND dog buns appear to be prepared the same way, buttered then grilled to the point of slight charring. The ridged fries are amazing… fresh, hot and crispy. In conclusion, Sullivan’s is the perfect summertime snack/meal/lifestyle.

NOTE: Don’t be scared away by the huge line, it moves very fast.


Rating: 5(Great) out of 5!!!


2080 Day Boulevard(Pleasure Bay)
South Boston, MA